characters of paradigm shifts

Posted on Jun 20, 2020

the sense of continuity

in the course of evolution of paradigms, perse feels that the graph that represent that evolution is uninterrupted, the function of it is continuous. perse steps further and says the function even is differentiable. that is, they thinks that in their system, the ideas, axioms or any other mental elements relate to their past, previous correspondants. and they thinks those elements relate even smoothly.

the sense of was-always-like-that

this is the feeling that eventhough there is an incredible change, seeing all the same as its essence. then a duality arises: the set of frames of the change and the meta-temporal image of perse.

relation, the ability to relate and sympathize, and disconnection from outer reality

to relate yourself to others feelings, ideas, situations is an ability. to sympathize is a stronger ability; it is to relate yourself to and further feel the same, think the same, be in the same, in an isolated environment.

there is a gradual, consistent decrement in my ability to relate. then it happened to my ability to sympathize. eventually, i started to feel disconnected from outer world. as of now, i don’t see an immadiate, obvious port from outer world to me.

i find myself often staring at people’s eyes with no emotion, no reaction.