natural adhesion of organization systems

Posted on Jun 20, 2020

i had stopped timing works, tasks, studies; even the interest of it had been mashed somehow. i realized that recently and i want to restart it using org-timer, now.

maybe, i should be more courageous on writing todos. though, i think even it, by itself, cannot solve the problem of me not using org-mode extensively, i have not thought much about how i should use org-mode. it is that, blocking me, i think. nevertheless, it’s true that i should push myself to use it after the least bit of idea created on how i can use it. because, usage and its convenience is what makes models good and acceptable. there is an intense feedback mechanism one pay attention to. observe now that it is that mechanism-interest attracting us human persons to organization system building universe. it is time-driven, evolutionary and natural. a consequence of this is the diversity it brings. we change existing systems to adapt them to out needs or we start from scratch. really like genes mutating.